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Tile Roof Roll Forming Machine
Tile Roof Roll Forming Machine Particular Info
Descriptions of Wall Tile Forming Machine
1. As a type of steel structure machine, it is used for making wall tiles
2. Wall tiles made by this machine are featured by plain appearance, high rate of utilization and superior strength, and mainly used for wall cladding in construction
3. Tiles of different profiles and styles are available to suit specific needs

Main Technical Parameters of Wall Tile Forming Machine
Item                                      Ref.
Material Thickness 0.3-0.6mm
Material Width 1250mm
Effective Width 1050mm
Forming Station 16 steps
Motor power 5.5Kw
Weight 7000KG
Components of Whole Production Line
1) 5tons decoiler (manual or automatic type)
2) Roll forming machine
3) Hydraulic cutting device
4) Product rack for collecting products
5) PLC control box
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