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Omega Purlin Roll Forming Machine For Sale

Product Description

Why we call this type of roll forming machine omega purlin roll forming machine?

Because Big Will Industrial Limited (BWIL) one set Omega purlin roll forming machine can produce both c purlin and z purlin, the operator only need change one group rollers is ok.


This is one of our stars roll forming machines, we have good market both in China and over the world. We have the advantage that: first one company to start develop this forming machine, so we have much more experience and much more better ability to manufacture&improve more and more well for user. 

Our BWIL brand Omega purlin roll forming machine good advantage iswell compressive strength and flatness; automatioc measureing, cuttinge and punching; high-level of automation and conviently installation.


Parameter and specification of Omega purline roll forming machine


We design each machine according to user's requirement. Below techinical parameters can be adjusted according to user's final requirements.


The weight of theMachine :9.0T


The total demension of machine: (length)10m x (width)1.4m x (height)1.8m








 Decoiler Type : manual decoiler


 weight capacity of decoiler : 5.0T


2)Feeding and Leveling Device 


It used for making the material flat before feeding into the roll forming machine


3)Hydraulic Punching & Cutting  (punching and cutting are before  roll forming)


 Punching Type: Hydraulic Punching


 Cutting type: Hydraulic cutting


 Cutting material: Cr12


 Hydraulic power: 5.5KW


 Hydraulic Pressure: 16Mpa




4)Rolling Forming System


 motor power: 15KW


 speed of roll forming : 10-14.8m/min


 material of roller : GCr15


 18 groups rollers


 material of main shaft : 40Cr(The main shaft have the high frequency grinding &heat Treatment and the surface of shaft is chroming)


 diameter of main shaft: 70mm



5)PLC Control System


 Control the quantity &punching length& cutting length automatically


 Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase 50Hz


 Size of PLC Control Board: 700mm(L)x1000mm(H)x300mm(W)


 PLC manufacturer: Japan Panasonic


 Solenoid valve


 Oil hydraulic cylinder




 Oil pipeline


 Touch Screen




6)Product support  Rack


The length of product support rack : 6m long