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Small Standing Seam Roof Forming Machine

        Big Will Industrial Limited's Small Standing Seam Roof Forming Machine is good for roll forming 0.7~1.2mm thickness steel or aluminum sheet. The whole machine is small and normally can be layout in 20ft container. You can take the small standing seaming roof forming machine container to go to any place to produce long span standing seam roof.


       The stand seam roof produced by these series machine is used for roof in railway station, hotel and other buildings. With this product for stand seam shape roof, it is with the advantage of lower cost, soon fixture and uneasy damaged. Nomally, it is matched with electric seaming machine, concave and convex shape curved machine, it is new design and popular in the market right now.


Main Parameter For Small Standing Seam Roof Forming Machine

stand seam roof machine parameter.png


The other accessaries can be: automatic concave and convex curving machine, auto tappered slitting machine, electric seaming machine and manual seamer.automatic concave and convex curving machine


Profile Design Drawing

YX65-400 design.jpg


Detailed Pictures For Reference

roll-former-for-stand-seam-roof.jpgChina-Stand-seam-roof-machine.jpg   small-standing-seam-roof-forming-machine.jpg

Arch Roof Roll Forming Machine

This standing seam roof concave & convex arch roof roll forming machine is for roll forming the stand seam roof into concave and convex shape. This roof can build more beautiful steel house and big sport hall. So small design, you can take this machine for your steel building project anywhere.

concave&convex shape curving machine.png


Automatic Tapered Slitting Machine

This machine is special used for tapered shape stand seam roof. Before forming tapered stand seam roof, we need to slit the aluminum sheet into tapered shape by this automatic tapered slitting machine. Small machine and high precision slitting effection, good price for automatic tapered slitting machine

tapper slitter.png



Automatic Seaming Machine For Stand Seam Roof


Manual Seaming Machine