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YX18-1050 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

YX18-1050 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Sample design drawing

YX18-1050 corrugatd design drawing.png

Feature Of Our Roll Forming Machines

1) Our Big Will Industrial Limited (BWIL) corrugated sheet roll forming machines is for producing galvanized steel coil,color steel sheet and aluminum coil. 

2) All the roll forming rollers are polished and coated by chrome for anti-rust, this can ensure roll the corrugated shape more round and roof surface is smothly.

3) This YX18-75-1050 corrugated sheet roll forming machine is special design for our Philiphines user, it can suit for 914mm, 1000mm, 1250mm three feeding mateial width.

Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine Description

1. Hydrauic/Manual Decoiler(you can choose the one you prefer)

2. Roll forming machine 

3. Cutting device with hydraulic system

4. PLC Computer Controlling System

5. Run out Table(3 units),


Technical Prameters

currgated roll forming machine.png


Usage Of Corrugated Sheet Roof
Corrugated sheet roll forming machines can process various of steel panel, PPGI coil, galvanized panel or aluminum panel.The corrugated sheet is one of traditional shape in steel building material, it is widely used as roof and wall of steel construction factory, steel house,exhibition center, theatre,sport building and etc. Corrugated sheet has good advantages of easy installation, short building period , beauty, light weight but high strength. 
Sale Service

1. we provide the technical support for whole life of our machines

2. If buyers need the technician to go abroad for adjustment and installation , we will arrange the technician,but the buyers should take all the cost ,inculding visa, roundtri p ticket etc.

More pictures for reference

sheet metal corrugated roof forming machine.jpg

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Big Will Industrial Limited company main business are: automatic type changing purlin forming machine, steel profile roll forming machine, door frame roll forming machine, step tile roof roll forming machine, decking floor steel forming machine, storage rack forming line, corrugated roof roll forming machine and shutter door roll forming machine. We can design, manufacture,installation and after service by ourselve as one full line service. Welcome come to inspect our factory!

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