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YX19-76 Steel Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Product Description
YX19-76 Steel Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine is made for Brazil market by Big Will Industrial Limited (BWIL). We have much experience for this type of Steel Roller shutter door roll forming machine, because already shipped nearly 30sets same design out in the last three years. The shutiter door plate produced by these YX19-76 shutter door roll forming machine is used for factory workshop doors and other shop doors. It is convenient for installation, low-noise and easy for maintenance.The two pieces shutter door panel's connection is very important, this refer to your roller shutter door is firm or not.

Main Features
1. This steel roller shutter door forming machine choose roll forming method, can produce different thickness of metal sheet and galvanized sheet, also the feeding width can be adjusted according to actual width actually.


2. Our BWIL brand shutter door roll forming machines can be special designed and load into 20GP container, you can take our shutter door machine produced at your project place anywhere.


3. With feeding guide section, can avoid material sheet go to sides and cause door piece is not straight enough.



Technical Parameter

roller shutter door forming machine parameter.png

Cutting Section & Shutter Door Sample


Batch Shutter Door Fabrication Machine Factory

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