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Aluminium Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Desgin drawing for aluminum sheet roll forming machine



1. This kind of aluminium sheet roll forming machine is widely used for producing various roof panels from aluminium coil, for building factory, warehouse and personal house for rich man etc.

2. This production line consists of uncoiler, feeding guider, roll forming machine, cutting device with hydraulic system and electric control system.

3. The line speed of this aluminium sheet forming machine is 15-20m/min.

Main Features
       Xiamen aluminum sheet roll forming machine, adopting roll forming method, can produce

beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction or

outdoor decoration. This type of roll forming machines possess advanced and innovative technology that

can provide convenient rollers change. This type can be equipped with PLC control and touch




Technological Process
 Uncoiling---Feeding---Leveling---pre-cut --Roll Forming---Cutting---Products Collecting

Producing Process Sketch

Sketch drawing.jpg


Technical Prameter

technical parameter.png

Whole Roll Forming Machine Line Components
•Un coiler
•Straightening and Feeding Equipment
•Pre-cutting device (option
•roll forming machine
•Cut-Off with cutting blade
•product collect rack

Pictures for reference




Factory and office corner

14431511715012449.jpgBig will office.jpg

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