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R Panel & PBR Panel Roll Forming Machine For Sale

R Panel & PBR Panel Roll Forming Machine For Sale

The R Panel Roll forming machine is popular used in America, and it is mainly used to process various metal roofing equipment. R roofing sheet is a low slope metal roof and wall panel with height ribs and pitch corrugations, it is mainly used in prefabricated metal building systems. Our R panel roll forming machine is a good solution for high quality R roof panel production. And we have a full range of equipment specifications to meet different production requirements.


The R Panel roll forming machine provided by our company sells well all over the world with its excellent quality and reasonable price. Our machines are chain driven, motor driven, and all working movements are automatically controlled by Mitsubishi PLC electric control cabinet. It has the advantages of stable performance, simple operation and less labor required. Moreover, its rollers are hard chromium plated on the surface after being processed by precision machine tools with a thickness of 0.05mm, thus ensuring the service life of the overall machine.

R Panel Design Drawing
R roof rollforming

R panel roll forming machine

Machine Working video

Roll Forming machine Accessories

Whole Machine Main Accessories
5tons hydraulic decoiler 1 set
Main roll forming machine 1 set
Hydraulic cutting off system 1 set
PLC control system 1 set
Product rack 3 units

Main Parameter

Raw Material Parameter
Suitable material: PPGI, tension grade: ≤550mpa
Material thickness: 0.3-0.7mm, 0.5mm inspection (common used)

Effective width: 1220mm; Material feeding width: 1015


Entry Bench&Manual Pre-shearing Device

Remind coil tail automatically, only used for cutting off material tail

Sheet Metal Roofing Roll Forming Machine

H400 steel for machine frame, Feeding section with guide, with hand wheel
Gear/ sprocket driving: 18 steps to form
Shafts Diameter=ф75mm, Precision Machined
Rollers manufactured from 45 # steel, CNC lathes, hard Chrome Coated
Main motor =7.5KW, Frequency speed control
Forming Speed: 15-20m/min

All chains, sprockets and gears covered by iron safety cover

With pushing type mesh safety cover for roll forming part

Hydraulic Cutting Device

Stop to cut, post cut, blanking cutting off

Pump motor: 3KW; Cutting pressure=Max.8-15Mpa

Cuing tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment

PLC Control System

Control the cutting length & quantity automatically
Combined with:PLC(delta, Taiwan), inverter(Delta Taiwan), Touch Screen (delta, Taiwan), Encoder (Omron), etc
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
Control voltage 24V

China R sheet roll forming machine

Company Brief Explanation

Big Will roof panel roll forming machines are designed for producing high quality steel roof panel. Our roll forming machine was designed by high level domestic supplier researching team for pursuing high accuracy and fashion design finished products since 1989 year. With more than 20 years experience of designing, developing and manufacturing roof panel forming machines, we have confidence that our products can satisfy all your needs.