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Roller Shutter Door Guider Roll Forming Machine

Garage rolling door forming machine, door rail making machine and door guider roll forming machine are customized acceptable.

Product name:Roller Shutter Door Guider Roll Forming Machine

Machine Details

This China Roller Shutter Door Guider Roll Forming Machine is the design for door guider product, suitable material thickness is: 1.5mm. at the beginning of door guider roll forming machine end, there is one group roller for leading material into machine. Next is straightening rollers group to straighten the raw steel material more flat for ensuring roll forming effection.

At the end of whole door guider roll forming machine, it is hydraulic cutting section, it is for poles guiding type cutting device, this system is more stable and the cutting edge is much more better. The machine frame under cutting blades, it is slope design, it is good for waste material to fall down and easy to collect.

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This Garage Rolling Door Rail Roll Forming Machine is used for producing big size door rails in factory or market, the material thickness is: 1.5mm. In order to easily operation, we have designed handwheel at the beginning of machine. It is combined by chain, operator can adjust the suitable material width soon by revolving the wheels on machine two sides.

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For the door guide samples, we should measure the product each sizes, check the shapes is square enought? And linear is straight or not?

Products rollformed by our roller shutter door guider roll forming machine can meet the inspection standard from our end users.

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Technical Parameters

Parameters Specification
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3PH or customized
Driving Motor 7.5KW
Hydraulic Motor 3KW
Forming Steps 20 steps
Working Speed 10-15m/min
Thickness for Steel 1.5mm
Shaft Diameter 65mm
Shaft Material High grade 45# forged steel
Roller Material G45# steel, CNC lathe,polished and chrome plated
PLC Cabinet Schneider, Delta
Encoder Omron
Sprocket Wheel 45 steel high-frequency quench
Cut-off System Post cutting, three pieces of cutting blades
Cutting Blade Material Cr12 steel
Machine Frame Material Fine welded structural steel;
Raw Material Galvanized steel
Painted Color Blue+Orange Or Customization
Overall Size 11000*1050*1250mm
Weight 6000KGS

Machine Working Video