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Interchangeable C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine China Manufacture

Interchangeable C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine China Manufacture

This purlin roll forming machine is size interchangeable, can produce both c and z sections, see below mark out cassette, it is used for exchanging C and Z type, when the Interchangeable C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine produce C purlin roll forming machine at first, after first c purlin producing task, we need to operate the cassettes: pull out and rotate them 180 degree, next, whole roll forming line can start to roll forming z purlin producing task. Easy operation.

This is the whole Interchangeable C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine's beginning end, see below material feeding guider, the material width is adjustable, the operator can adjust two sides' hand wheel for producing different sizes of C purlin or z purlins. This the first feeding guider, good for solving material block problem, there is any second feeding guider sectiond after straigtening device.

C Z purlin roll forming machine.jpg

This Interchangeable C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine is pre-punching pre-cut type. Below is Hydraulic section, two round length hole puching and single round hole punching, then flat pre-cutting.

Technical Parameter

Driving Motor18.5KW
Hydraulic Cuting Motor5.5KW
Motor For Width Adjust0.75KW*3
Forming Steps18 Station
Working Speed15-20m/min
Thickness for Steel1.0-3.0mm (Material:Hot dip steel,Cold Rolled steel)
Shaft Diameter90mm
Shaft MaterialHigh grade 45# forged steel
Roller MaterialGr15 steel with polished and heat treatment
PLC CabinetSchneider, Delta
Sprocket Wheel45 steel high-frequencies quench
Cut-off SystemPre-punch pre-cut
Cutting Blade MaterialCr12 steel
Machine Frame MaterialFine welded structural steel;
Roofing MaterialPPGI, GI steel G330-550
Painted ColorBlue+Gray White Or Customization
Overall Size9000*1400*1800mm

Purlin Samples

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