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Steel & Aluminum Self-Lock Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Steel & Aluminum Self-Lock Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Design Drawing & Samples

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This self-lock roof panel roll forming machine is manufacturing self-lock roof cladding panels under high speed. roof house with self-lock which is an interlocking profile, self fix clipping system needn't nails to lock the roofing sheets; hence no holes will be drilled on the roof sheet. The roof sheets lie firmly clipping each others. This self-locked metal roof cladding panel roll forming machine consists of decoiler, sheet guiding equipment, rollforming system, cutter, support table, hydraulic system, and control system.

Technical Parameter

Machine ComponentSpecification
5Tons Manual DeocoilerCoil Inner-diameter=510±30mm. Coil Outer-diameter Max. 1300mm;
Taper wedge expanding system
Load Capacity: Max. 5 Tons; Coil Width Max. 1250mm;
Self-Lock Roof Panel Roll Forming MachineGear/Sprocket driving; 17 stations roll forming
Rollers manufactured from 45# steel, CNC lathes, hard Chrome Coated, fine polished.
Shafts Diameter=ф75mm, Precision Machined, fine Polished
Main motor =7.5KW, Frequency speed control
Max Line speed of roll Former: Approx. 10-15m/min
Hydraulic Cutting DeviceStop to cut, Post cut, two pieces cutting blades cutting
Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
Hydraulic unit, Pump motor =3KW
PLC Control SystemControl the quantity & cutting length automatically
Combined with: PLC (Delta), Touch Screen (Delta), Encoder (Omron), etc
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2mm
24V Control voltage
Controller with forward/backward/emergency stop buttons
Product RackUn-powered, 3 units

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