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Galvanized Sheet Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Galvanized Sheet Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Galvanized Sheet Roll Forming Machine Introduction

1. Galvanzied sheet roll forming machine manufactured by Big Will Industrial is widely used for making various galvanizeds sheet roof panels for steel constructions, steel structure projects and containment systems etc.

2. The line speed of this galvanzied sheet forming machine is 15-20m/min.


Main Features

      We Big Will Industrial Limited(BWIL) company manufacture good quality Galvanized Sheet Roll Forming Machine. It is for producing galvanized material sheet panels. This roll forming machine is applicable to the roofing of distinctive buildings. We can adjust and modify the special machine designs for the user. 

       The whole galvanized sheet roll forming machine line include decoiler, roll forming machine, PLC control system and run out tables. Our roll forming machines are equipped PLC program, Omron sensor and inverter. Cutting length and produce batch, piece can be set on our touch escreen also. The machines are easy to operate and running steady.


 stamp corrugated roof forming machine.jpg

Technological Process
 Uncoiler--Material Feeding---Leveling---pre-cut ---Roll Forming---Cutting Off---Products Collecting


Producing Process Sketch 

roll forming machine layout drawing.jpg


Technical Prameter



Main Motor


Roll Forming Station

16 steps

Shaft Diameter


Material Thickness


Hydraulic Power


Producing Task Control


Length Tolerance


Hydraulic Pressure


Forming Speed


roll forming machinery for corrugated roof sheet.jpg

Whole Line Components 
Un coiler
•Straightening and Feeding Equipment
•Pre-cutting device (option
•roll forming machine
•Cut-Off with cutting blade
•product collect rack

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color steel coil roll forming machine.jpg

steel roof forming machine.jpg


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