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Roll Forming Machines For Boltless Steel Roof Sheet

One of our  Roll forming machine for boltless steel roof sheet for Thailand market has been finished and shipped out on last week. This roll forming machine is boltless type, no need bolt screw installation for the steel roof, but locked by clip, and seamed by seaming machine. Big Will Industrial Limited is located in Xiamen, China, roll forming machine China orginal developing city in China, here has more power technical ability and more good quality roll forming machine manufacturer in the world.

Roll Forming Machine Parameter



Material thickness


Material Width


Driving motor


Forming station

20 steps

Shaft diameter


Machine material

Cr12 plated coat rollers, H-beam for frame

Length measure sensor

Omron Encoder

Control system

PLC (Simens, pansonic, Mitsubishi or Delta)

Cuting blade material

Cr12 Mould steel



       Our roll forming machine for boltess steel roof sheet can roll forming steel roof sheet that: when installation, it needn't screw bolts for locking install. This type of steel roof has itself special hidden-lock fastening and then seamed by electrical seaming machine or manual seamer, it is more beautiful than bolts installation type.

        Big Will Industrial Limited company is a professional roll forming machine manufacture and sale company in China, after user buy boltless steel roof sheet roll forming machines from us, we will give you correct suggestion about two pieces roof sheet locking design, seaming machine type also. Boltless steel roof is widely used in steel construction area, exhibition hall, cinema, steel house roof or wall, sports hall, railway station and steel construction factory building.

Roll Forming Machine Sample Pictures



steel profile roll forming machine.jpg

boltless steel roofing forming machine.jpg

Company Information

Big Will Industrial Limited is a Chinese factory special for making roll forming machines, such as steel roofing roll forming machine, standing seam roof sheet forming machine, deck floor roll forming machine, auto type change, purlin roll forming machine, steel house structure frame roll forming machine, roller shutter door roll forming machine, roof tile roll forming machine, double layer roof sheet roll forming machine, upright roll forming machine, corrugation sheet roofing forming machine, etc

Big Will roll forming machine.jpg

roller shutter door forming machine fatory.jpg

forming machine big will industrial.jpg