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Double Layer Corrugated Roof Roll Forming Machine


Description Of Double Layer Corrugated Roof Roll Forming Machine

       Same as the single layer roof panel roll forming machine, Big Will Industrial Limited brand double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine is only one type of of steel roll forming machine, but double layer roll forming machine can produce two corrugated steel sheet design,one design at bottom and another design upon it. The steel profile double layer roll forming machine can save factory place and save user's business cost.


        As a professional double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we Big Will Industrial Limited also provide guard rail forming machine, step tile roof forming machine, decking floor roll forming machine, roller shutter door roll former, door frame roller forming line and other special design from buyer.


Main Technical Specifications

double layer roll former.png

Shining rollers



Feeding guide table

double-layer-roll-forming machine manufacturer.jpg


Hydraulic Cutter



Corrugated roofing sample


corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine.jpg


Roll Forming Machine processing step

       Leading the steel coil into our material feeding guide, adjust material running direction correctly, start the PLC control system to start test first one piece, sample. When the roll forming machine product sample reac h at cutting position, low down the machine running speed, and see if the roof sample can go out from cutting blade smoothly, then cut off and check the final sample is acceptable. Above all actions should be done under manual state. After confirm the sample is Ok, we can set the product batch,product length, quantity on touch screen, then switch to auto state on the PLC control box, whole roll forming machine producing line can start to automatic producing. 


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Company Information


Big Will Industrial Limited main business are: automatic type changing purlin forming machine, steel profile roll forming machine, door frame machine, step tile roof roll forming machine, decking floor steel forming machine, storage rack forming line, corrugated roof roll forming machine and shutter door roll forming machine. We can design, manufacture,installation and after service by ourselve as one full line service. Welcome come to inspect our factory!





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