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Metal Panel Double Layer Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Metal Panel Double Layer Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Technical Specifications

Main Power  5.5KW 
Roll Station  15-18 
Size of Roll Forming Machine  About 9.4m*1.65m*1.2m 
Diameter of Shaft  76mm 
Thickness of Formed Steel  0.3mm-0.8mm 
Width of Raw Material  1,250mm (can depend on client request) 
Material of the Roller  45# forge steel, machined with numerical control, polished and coated with chrome, surface with 0.05mm 
Hydraulic Power  4KW 
Computer Controlling System  PLC, Panasonic 
Computer Operating Board  Touch screen 
Length Tolerance  +/-1.5mm 
Working Speed  12-15m/min (not including cutting) 
Hydraulic Pressure  12Mpa 
Miscellaneous  manual pre-cutter 

Shining rollers


Feeding guide table


Hydraulic Cutter


Corrugated roofing sample

corrugated roof sheet roll forming machine.jpg

       This roll forming machine has been manufactured for our Philiphines customer, the purpose is for saving factory place and manufacturing cost, two layers can not be run on the same, when we need to produce upper layer roof roll forming design, the low layer should be stopped and lock. Whole roll forming lines can work smoothly like only one layer roof sheet roll forming machine.


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