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4meters Electromagnetic Slitting Folding Machine

4meters Electromagnetic Slitting Folding Machine


Big Will Industrial Limited (BWIL) brand 4meters electromanetic slitting folding machine can bend any angle smaller than 125 degree. The max panel length can be 4000mm. This type of slitting folding machine solve the problem that one bending machine only can bend angle but can not slit no use material, now our electromagnetic slitting folding machine can both slit and fold angles. This slitter folder machine is suitable for producing metal steel plate, color steel plate, galvanized plate or aluminum plate, so we also can call it steel slitting folder, color steel slitting folding machine, galvanized steel slitting floding machine and alumnium-zinc slitter folding machine.



CNC slitting folding machine 
1.Max.bending length:4,6,8m 
2.Throat Depth:1000mm 
3.Max.bending angle:125degree 


CNC slitting folding machine




   Payment term

 Other function


Can fold steel panel into any obtuse angles

 30% deposit required

shearing &slitting


General Parameter

1) For Steel sheet; Aluminum; Stainless steel

2) Thickness: Max.1.0mm

3) Feeding width: Max. 1000mm

4) Driven by Servo motor, pump motor: 0.82KW

5) Working length: 4000mm

6) Press clamp:5pcs

7) Weight:Approx. 3000 Kg

8) Pressing power:pump motor for hydraulic station7.5KW(Located inside)

9) Bending range:0-125 degree

10) Depth of throat:1000 mm(Max. working width of material in clamp)

11)  Hinge:5 groups

9)  Total power:9.42KW (7.5KW+1.1KW+0.82KW)
10) Overall size(Length×Width×Height):5800×1700×1500 (For reference only)


Slitting Device

1) Type Of Blade : Slitting wheel
    Diameter:80 (Enough)

2)  Drive system:Motor driving, 1.1KW
    Guiding device:Steel rope circling

3)  Slitting speed:Approx.0.8m/s

     Slitting distance: Through steel rope circulation.


Bending & Slitting Device

1)  Max. Bending thickness    1.0mm

2)   Max. Bending length        6000mm

3)   Max. Slit thickness          1.0mm

4)   Min. folding dimension       TBC


Hydraulic power pack

1)  Capability:Max.16MPA

2)  Capacity of oil tank: 170L

3)  Power type:Hydraulic


PLC Control System

1)System:Siemens PLC Control

2)Numerical control locating system:Siemens PLC Control

3)Operating table:Touch Screen

4)Angle programmer:Encoder sensor

5)Slitting control:Manual

6)Emergency stop: e-stop button+ e-limit+ foot switch (right heavily)