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our enterprise specializes in manufacturing Roll forming machine and Glazed Tile Forming Machine,Cold Roll Forming Machine,roll former,specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide line of metal forming machines.

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Tapered Roof Forming Machine


Our ziplok panels are available rolled tapered, with the UK’s first tapering machine. Previously, any tapering of sheets had to be carried out by cutting and welding tapered blanks then roll forming. With the inevitable labour costs which this incurred. The state of the art tapering machine is believed to be the only one capable of rolling tapers in the single pass from coil, and allows the production of tapered sheet at a similar rate to parallel sheet. The roll former is also mobile, allowing tapering to be carried out on site if required, which in turn means that, unlike our competitors, the length of tapered sheet is no longer restricted by transport or production capability.
Tapers can be from a minimum width of 240mm at one end at 580mm at the other end, on sheet with a minimum length if 3.5m and up to any length maximum.
Tapers sheets will self curve to a 40m radius and can be machine curved to 20m radius if required.

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